The City as a 
 Learning Space 


Edu-City aims at the recognition, valorisation and mapping of place-based knowledge and competences of fragile adults and to use them to activate participatory practices.

City neighborhoods are identified more and more as ideal settings of participatory actions as they facilitate relations among residents, local actors, administration and third sector organizations. Moreover in the context of city neighborhoods it is possible to build a collective imagination of how the places could be transformed and to activate collective civic actions that involve all the local actors.
In this scenario it is necessary to train professionals able to facilitate civic engagement and participatory processes at neighborhood level and to act as interfaces in the territories.

The Edu-City approach, based on the use of the neighborhood as educational environment, provide methods and tools to recognise territorial resources and transform them into educational opportunities. Edu-City involves five partner organisations from Palermo, Sofia, Berlin, Seville and Marseille, with expertise and practical experience in education, urbanism, social work, participatory practice, art and design through different European countries.